Gigante Express and Pan-American Life have launched Remesa Siempre Seguro, a new money transfer product that will only be available through the participating stores of Gigante Express in the US.

Remesa Siempre Seguro is a money transfer that is protected against the risk of accidental death. Once acquired, any person that sends money to family members will guarantee a temporary flow of income in case of accidental death.

The product offers protection for a period of 36 consecutive months. During this period the recipient of the money transfer/remittance will receive a steady income of $350 per month.

Jose Suquet, president of Pan-American Life Insurance Group, said: Pan-American Life is aware of the significance of the money flow between the US and Central America. This initiative solidifies our Bridge to the Americas, which strengthens the financial wellbeing of people on both ends of the hemisphere.