Gerber Life Insurance Company has extended use of Nexidia Interaction Analytics in an effort to further improve agent performance and customer experience in their contact center.

The company has also retained Nexidia Managed Analytic Services, which is designed to help customers get the maximum benefit from their interaction analytics implementations.

Gerber Life Insurance Contact Center vice president Bob McDonald said Nexidia is helping the company in unlocking the crucial business intelligence hidden inside of its customer and agent interactions.

”By further extending our use of Nexidia solutions we are gaining valuable insights needed to ensure every customer call is optimized,” McDonald added.

Nexidia president and chief executive officer John Willcutts said, ”Gerber Life Insurance’s commitment to interaction analytics will continue to bring additional improvements to contact center operations.”

Gerber Life currently maintains an advanced contact center at its facilities in Michigan, which serves over three million policyholders.

The company is planning to employ the new software for identification of opportunities to enhance first call resolution (FCR), internal sales processes and sales effectiveness in the future.

Gerber Life provides juvenile life insurance policies, which includes the Grow-Up Plan for children, College Plan, an endowment life insurance policy, and various insurance policies for adults in the US.