Gen Re, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has launched the upgraded Gen Re Connect, a customizable web application for placing property, casualty and marine facultative reinsurance.

The enhancements to the application will allow Gen Re’s clients to place and manage facultative reinsurance more quickly, easily and efficiently than ever before.

Reinsurer said there are over 200 active applications accommodating more than 2,000 users and they are written in a variety of languages, as well as handle various currencies.

According to the Gen Re, the enhancements include: user friendly smart icons; automatic renewal tracking; more compliance functionality including a self-service reporting function; and the ability to transact multiple lines in a single application.

Gen Re senior vice president and global facultative program manager Tom Welch said the firm build and maintain each application using terminology familiar to that particular client, making input faster and promoting consistency and accuracy in data capture.

"It’s easy to implement and use, accessible wherever an Internet connection is available, and gives our clients a competitive advantage," Welch said.