To improve fleet operations, driver safety with Onboard Advisor

GE Security, a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, and Liberty Mutual Agency Markets, a strategic business unit of Liberty Mutual Group, have made Onboard Advisor – a web-based fleet management technology available nationally. Reportedly, it monitors the driving behavior of commercial vehicle operators in relation to conditions such as traffic flow and weather. Its proprietary technology is expected to assign safety scores to drivers, allowing fleet managers to monitor and coach drivers on any aggressive driving patterns.

Reportedly, it combines GE Security’s NavLogix GPS technology with data from an accelerometer to provide information on how a vehicle is responding to its driver. The information is then recorded along with the vehicle location and event time. The Performance Advisor component measures how frequently and severely a driver speeds, brakes and corners to calculate safety scores. Onboard Advisor also provides the full range of more traditional GPS software features, allowing fleet managers to further minimize risk and costs.

Reportedly, customers who insure their fleets through Golden Eagle Insurance, Liberty Northwest, and Ohio Casualty can install Onboard Advisor and realize savings on their commercial auto premium of up to 15% in the first year, and up to 40% based on fleet performance upon coverage renewal.

Jerry Rose, vice president, product management of GE Security, said: GE Security is committed to keeping people and property safe. This revolutionary system focuses on driver behavior which is something other systems can’t do. The goal is to help improve driver safety by coaching performance at the driver level. Agency Markets’ regional companies are the only ones with a program focused at this level.

Thomas Troy, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Liberty Mutual Agency Markets’ Regional Companies Group, said: Onboard Advisor is the first GPS-based product to harness multiple technologies so companies can take an active and immediate role in risk management. It puts a fleet manager in the driver’s seat of every vehicle with daily, bi-weekly, and monthly performance tracking. It’s a great coaching tool for improving and rewarding safe driving.