Fremont Insurance, a property and casualty underwriter, is offering a Hunting Hold Harmless Agreement to provide protection to land owners offering their properties for the upcoming deer hunting season.

Available through the company’s website, the Hunting Hold Harmless Agreement is a simple document that can be signed by the lessee before using the property for hunting activities.

By signing the cost-efficient agreement, the signers waive any claim against the property owner and agree to recompense and defend him, if their hunting leads to any bodily injury or property damage to others.

Fremont Insurance vice president and chief marketing officer Kurt Dettmer said, "Deer hunting season in Michigan is among our most widely observed outdoor traditions, but homeowners need to be careful to avoid lawsuits related to injuries suffered by hunters on their property."

The Michigan law requires the land owner to warn the hunters of hidden defects on the property, and also other features that may lead or contribute to the loss.

Headquartered in Fremont, Michigan, the insurance firm is a subsidiary of the Auto Club Group, servicing the Independent Agents of Michigan.