Freedom Health insurance company has successfully deployed a Flowfinity mobile solution that allows its 200 sales agents to complete insurance applications in the field using tablets.

The solution was implemented to replace an existing laptop application and reduce the number of paper applications submitted to the office. With over 20,000 insurance applications being processed each year, Freedom Health needed to reduce manual data entry and find a more efficient way to manage the flow of information to and from the field.

The Information Systems team selected Flowfinity, and successfully designed, tested and deployed the field sales application in less than 2 months. "Flowfinity allowed us to easily put in our own business logic including rules and validation, whereas other products that we evaluated couldn’t accommodate our business process requirements," said Kevin Adhia, VP of Information Systems, Freedom Health.

Sales agents now use Flowfinity to look up doctor information and fill out insurance applications on iPads, online or offline. Information is sent back to the office in real-time, which has increased the accuracy and speed of handling applications and improved customer service.

The solution also provides an agile mobile platform that supports ongoing changes and improvements to applications without coding.

"Flowfinity software is very flexible, and enables us to customize apps based on our needs without any programming," said Krupal Patel, Project Manager, Information Systems, Freedom Health. "I can publish the changes to Flowfinity applications within a couple of minutes rather than going through the whole development cycle."

"Insurance companies with teams in the field, whether sales agents or adjusters, have a great opportunity to improve efficiency with Flowfinity enterprise app software," said Larry Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flowfinity. "We are pleased to share the success story of Freedom Health and the leadership of its Information Systems team for transforming its field sales operations with a mobile solution."