Fox Systems has issued a statement that it is not related to Fox Insurance Company. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said that it has terminated a contract with Fox Insurance Company, which provided services under the Medicare Part D program in 21 states.

The company also said that the Affiliated Fox Group (AFGI), the former holding company for Fox Systems, sold all of its interests in Fox Insurance Company and its Part D contract with CMS, to Fox Rx, a New York based firm, in February 2006.

Since this divestiture, Fox Systems has had no role for the provision of services under the Medicare Part D program, including any of the alleged program violations identified by CMS.

Fox Systems continues to provide healthcare IT consulting services to CMS and state Medicaid agencies, including serving as the National Provider Identifier Enumerator, conducting medicaid information technology architecture state self assessments, and supporting medicaid management information systems procurement and IV&V engagements.