National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) has said that Fox Insurance has agreed to wire $13.6m in overdue payments for medicare Part D prescription drug claims to the administrators of its plan ProCare Pharmacy Benefit Management.

According NCPA, ProCare Pharmacy Benefit Management is currently closing claims and beginning to process payments for claims from the period of February16-28, 2010 in order to provide long-awaited reimbursements to independent community pharmacies for providing prescription drugs to seniors.

NCPA has said that Fox Insurance still owes tens of millions of dollars in unpaid Fox insurance claims from March, and is promising to clarify a few lingering issues to fulfill its remaining obligations.

The entire ordeal began when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) terminated Fox Insurance’s Part D contract as a result of ‘significant deficiencies’ in its operations on March 9, and Fox proceeded to withhold outstanding claims around that time period, added NCPA.

Douglas Hoey, acting executive vice president and CEO of NCPA, said: We appreciate Fox Insurance’s recent efforts to set things right. It is a first step, but only a step, in solving the problem. We will be watching to make sure every penny owed is paid, and hope no Part D plan sponsors will require this amount of attention in the future. That’s the only way for the Medicare Part D program to be truly successful.