Fortegra Financial, a Florida-based insurance services company, has appointed Alex Halikias as new executive vice president of the company and president of Consecta, Fortegra's business process outsourcing business (BPO).

Fortegra has also appointed Robert Fullington, current executive vice president of Fortegra and president of Consecta, to the new role of executive vice president, Strategic Initiatives & Acquisitions.

Both Halikias and Fullington will report directly to Richard Kalbaugh, chairman and CEO of Fortegra Financial.

Alex Halikias will join Fortegra from EDS/HP, where he has spent the last seven years in various executive roles. While at EDS/HP, Alex gained a technology background and experience, including serving as CTO for business process outsourcing. Prior to EDS, he held executive positions with Aurigin and IDDEX.

Fortegra Financial chairman and CEO Richard Kalbaugh said Fullington has been instrumental in the growth and success of Fortegra, and his experience will be invaluable in leading the acquisition strategy and driving the company’s strategic initiatives. Bob will continue to work on transitioning the business to Alex to ensure business continuity.

Fortegra Financial provides distribution and administration services and insurance-related products to insurance companies, insurance brokers and agents and other financial services companies in the US.