Foresters Financial has opened two new branch offices in Orlando, Florida and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as part of a larger corporate initiative to expand its branch network.

The Orlando branch opened July 11, and will be led by newly appointed Branch Manager David Boykin who has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services industry; while the Oklahoma City branch opened July 18, and will be led by Branch Manager Mary Trotter who brings nearly 20 years of industry knowledge to her new role.

Foresters Financial Services president Larry Noyes said: “At Foresters Financial Services, we believe that investors deserve more than a financial services provider—they deserve a partner that will help them prosper and improve their community.

"The expansion of our retail footprint in Orlando and Oklahoma City and our goal of recruiting additional Financial Representatives to help investors reach their goals, protect their families and improve the places where they live, are stepping stones in meeting our corporate goals and community responsibilities."

Noyes went on to say: "We are excited that Mr. Boykin and Ms. Trotter have chosen Foresters and we are even more pleased as to why they did. They were both inspired by our story and purpose—to do more for our clients, their families and communities, as well as the real opportunity that our growth represents.

These values have defined us since our beginnings in 1874, and they continue to inspire us today."

Boykin said: "I was pleased to discover that Foresters believes, as I do, that life insurance and investment products are just a starting point for us and our clients. It's in working together through a true partnership to support neighborhood programs, charities and scholarships that we can accomplish even greater things.

“I am enthusiastically looking forward to leading the Orlando office."

Ms. Trotter said: "The values that Foresters has in working to make a difference really resonated with me. That difference should extend beyond an individual family's financial goals and into the communities where our clients live and are raising their families, which is exactly what Foresters does.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the people of Oklahoma City to help with their financial futures and assist in their neighborhood efforts."

Foresters Financial Services is committed to achieving significant office growth and productivity, providing quality sales leadership and management training, as well as robust practice management for its Representatives.

Noyes said: "These are very exciting times for Foresters Financial as we continue to build momentum and look forward to a new decade of growth that will unlock the tremendous potential of our purpose as a global organization.”