Ford Motor and State Farm have teamed up to offer lower insurance premiums for drivers, using Ford SYNC technology.

According to State Farm Insurance, it is expanding its Drive Safe & Save program, under which Ford SYNC equipped drivers would be able to save up to 40% per annum, depending on their annual mileage.

The motor company said that the drivers’ discount will be based on the vehicle odometer reading that is reported when the driver uses Vehicle Health Report, a standard feature of SYNC available on 2009 model year and newer Ford Motor Company vehicles.

The scale of the savings will be determined by the number of miles they drive, and initially, they will be able to save approximately 5% on their auto insurance coverage. Upon completion of every six months, at the time of renewal date, the amount of premium savings will be determined, based on the number of miles driven during that period.

Those driving the national average of 1,000 miles per month will typically save around 10%, but that could change depending on actual mileage driven, with low-mileage drivers saving up to 40%.

Ford SYNC, a in-car connectivity system which caters drivers with the ability to voice command and control their mobile devices, like cell phones and MP3 players, and provides services such as 911 Assist, an emergency calling feature, and Vehicle Health Report.

Ford Connected Services global director Doug VanDagens said that the firm will work with State Farm to lower the cost of vehicle ownership for the three million Ford SYNC owners who are driving vehicles with the Vehicle Health Report feature.

"SYNC Vehicle Health Report is free for the life of the vehicle, so our customers can qualify for insurance discounts without having to pay a monthly subscription," VanDagens added.