Enterprise mobile apps provider Flowfinity Wireless announced that its enterprise mobility solution improves claims management efficiency for both insurance firms and claims adjusters.

In a paper-heavy industry, Flowfinity’s customizable platform helps to automate and speed up claims processing for home, automobile, and medical insurance through the use of mobile devices.

Complete business processes are created using a programming-free, point-and-click editor, and can be easily updated as frequently as client needs evolve and government rules change.

Insurance companies and claims adjusters are able to enhance customer satisfaction and maximize legal compliance, ensuring best practices are always at the forefront.

When performing site evaluations and compiling investigative reports, Flowfinity's advanced features such as photo annotations, signature capture, and GPS locations can be embedded directly into mobile forms, collecting key information in the field.

With two-way data flow to and from a centralized database, staff in the field can also access benefits booklets, procedure guidelines, and submitted claim details on mobile devices, anytime and anywhere, to help answer any questions or disputes that arise.

Field teams can immediately deliver full reports, including solution proposals and payment recommendations, to the office from their mobile devices and settle claims faster, saving time and reducing costs.

Thornton Group loss adjusters business application support Kate Gordon said: “Of all the enterprise mobility products we evaluated, Flowfinity was the most flexible and stable. Flowfinity has completely changed the way we run the business.”