Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (Office) has ordered to halt the unauthorized sale of warranty products and service agreements of three entities, including their subsidiaries. These companies include an National Home Protection, an Nationwide Home Warranty, and an National Automotive Services.

Office said that the investigators determined National Home Protection and Nationwide Home Warranty conducted home and service warranty transactions in Florida without a license. They also found that National Automotive Services and its subsidiaries sold motor vehicle service agreements without a license.

According to the orders issued, the entities are required to submit letters of certification, within 30 days, stating their company no longer provides services in Florida. The orders also require that the companies honor and fully service all valid claims and fulfill their contractual obligations, Office said.

Kevin McCarty, insurance commissioner of Florida, said: “I commend our investigators for their work in halting the unlicensed sale of warranty products and service agreements in the State of Florida. The Office is committed to protecting Florida consumers from purchasing products that are sold by unlicensed entities that do not comply with Florida law.”