Flagship Global Health, a health assurance organization, has announced the promotion of John Flood as its new CEO and that co-founder Fred Nazem will remain chairman of the board of Flagship. The appointment of John Flood as the new CEO of Flagship will be effective immediately.

Mr Flood will be responsible for the entire affairs of Flagship while Mr Nazem will focus on the strategic direction of the company. Mr Flood joined Flagship Global Health in 2004. Before joining Flagship he was the managing partner of Flood Donohue Johnston & McShane, from 1994 to 2004.

Mr Nazem said: As chairman, I will focus my time and energy on the strategic growth of Flagship in order to ensure the continuation of its leadership position in the industry.

Mr Flood added: Fred and I have worked closely and very effectively together since the early days of the company. With so many great opportunities facing us every day as a result of the high marks we have been getting from our members and our 4,000 or so top physicians, I am excited about concentrating my efforts as the new CEO on optimizing our entire operations so that we can properly capitalize on some of these opportunities.