To support multichannel communications, monitoring and reporting applications

Firstcare Health Plans has implemented Interactive Intelligence’s IP communications software suite. The software suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), has enabled the company to support multichannel communications, along with quality monitoring, recording and reporting applications.

According to Firstcare, its use of the CIC’s add-on application, Interaction Recorder, has replaced its Avaya system with CIC after evaluating systems from other vendors, including Cisco and Oracle. CIC supports its contact center employees located in Texas. The company plans to deploy a redundant CIC configuration as part of its disaster recovery strategy, and is researching the use of CIC to take advantage of the product’s remote capabilities.

Sylvia Garcia, vice president of operations at Firstcare, said: “CIC has provided our customers with new ways of communicating with us, including the addition of e-mail and Web chat. In addition, CIC’s unique single-platform architecture has given us real-time visibility into all interaction queues so we can quickly adjust our workgroup staffing to optimize customer service while maximizing productivity.

“Interaction Recorder has enabled us to easily measure the effectiveness of our contact center representatives. Our supervisors now have the ability to listen to call recordings, score team member’s performance, and coach them to increase their effectiveness and further improve service levels.”