First Professionals Insurance Company, a provider of professional liability insurance products and services, has signed an agreement with Medical Justice Services to offer Medical Justice membership as benefit to its Florida insureds.

Medical Justice is a membership-based organization, that offers patented services to protect physicians’ practice and reputation. Its programs include services to: (1) Deter frivolous malpractice claims; (2) Provide strategies for counterclaims; and (3) Prevent Internet defamation.

Under the agreement, First Professionals will offer Medical Justice membership to its Florida-based insureds under a preferred pricing agreement.

Robert White, president of First Professionals, said: This partnership supports and enhances First Professionals’ longstanding pledge to provide excellent benefits for all of our policyholders. Offering Medical Justice to our Florida-based insureds will be instrumental in mitigating many aggravating situations that affect healthcare providers today.

Jeffrey Segal, CEO of Medical Justice, said: “By offering Medical Justice membership to their Florida insureds, First Professionals is proactively protecting their clients even more from frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits, internet defamation and other medico-legal threats.”