Fineos Corporation, a provider of claims management software solutions, has launched Fineos Express, a new claims management system specifically designed to meet the needs of start-up and small and medium syndicates.

Fineos said that the Fineos Express can be implemented in less than 60 days and fills the gap left by further delays to the delivery of ECF2 components other than Claims Workflow Triggers (CWT).

In addition, Fineos Express supports current Lloyd’s minimum claims standards.

Fineos sales director EMEA Richard West said Fineos Express delivers a whole new level of control, auditability, standards support and expert management.

“Our unique ‘out of the box’ support of ECF2 CWT file processing is further evidence of the commitment of Fineos as the local provider to the London Market.

We look forward to working with a number of syndicates as they install Fineos Express in the near future and benefit from the ensuing reduced costs, improved controls and better customer service,” West said.