FINEOS, a claims management software provider, has rolled out its newest version of Claims for the London Market to fulfill the needs of subscription based insurance organizations.

The system has been designed to provide a full feature "out-of-the-box" claims system which is delivered with London Market specific business content, extensive documentation, and integration with third party applications.

FINEOS’ complementary implementation and training materials has allowed organizations to quickly deploy and use the product, as well as substantially slash the cost and effort associated with system upgrade.

Key enhancements of the software include pre-configured processes to manage each stage in the claims lifecycle including information gathering from third parties, associated workflow and low-touch processing.

For instant simultaneous access to the market claim, whether lead or follower, the platform is also equipped with combined CWT file processing and has CAT Claim aggregation with quick online accessibility.

FINEOS CTO Jonathan Boylan said, "FINEOS 7.6 enables London Market insurers to benefit from the massive investment we have made in features and capabilities, allowing them to get up and running quicker."

Suitable for desktop, laptop or tablet use, the system also offers a single chronological view of all events and activity that have taken place over the life of a claim.