Financial Crossing, a provider of liability management solutions, has introduced its new liability health check service, designed to enhance and expand the current offerings of financial institutions and professionals.

The liability health check enables financial institutions and professionals to provide mortgage and liability portfolio analysis and advice that help consumers understand the financial risk of their current mortgage, home equity and other debts; what is likely to happen to their payments if no action is taken; and options to improve their debt situation according to their needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Once the liability health check identifies areas that can be improved, new options can be implemented with the click of a button. The solution not only drives a consultative approach to sales by offering multiple, clearly explained options that are specifically designed to meet clients’ needs and circumstances, but also improves the quality of loan transactions.

Adrian Nazari, president and CEO of Financial Crossing, said: In today’s increasingly challenging credit and mortgage environment, clients need objective advice on their mortgages and liabilities. With the liability health check, financial institutions and professionals now have an effective tool with which to communicate the associated risks and benefits of an individual’s debt situation.