It accelerates the organisation's business critical applications to guarantee disaster recovery

Florida-based Fidelity National Insurance has deployed Expand Networks’s WAN optimisation technology. It is reported that the integrated Expand platform has optimised the performance of the WAN and is accelerating the organisation’s business critical applications to guarantee disaster recovery.

Expand said that its integrated WAN optimisation technology was deployed and immediately compressed and accelerated all applications, fully optimising the WAN and mitigating latency to ensure high availability and data protection for Fidelity National Insurance. The organisation was able to reduce the bandwidth dedicated to the main real time replication tool from 5Mb to 2Mb and send 22Mb of optimised replication traffic over the smaller link.

Adrian Whitehurst, IT manager at Fidelity National Insurance, said: With Expand in place, data replication takes one second rather than up to five minutes previously guaranteeing disaster recovery and high availability. Simply deployed, the Expand platform self manages, making life easier and frees up resources. We are now using Expand to optimise a second real time replication application and the technology will also support the company as we migrate all remote users to web-based applications.

Andrew Mullen, vice president of sales for Americas at Expand Networks, said: Organisations are facing critical business challenges in trying to maintain network performance and support IT initiatives in addition to lowering operating costs. Expand Networks’s WAN optimisation technology addresses these IT challenges by supporting multiple projects and bringing users into virtual proximity of application and datacentre services while reducing total cost of ownership and delivering a rapid return on investment.