FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI), a provider of commercial property and casualty insurance, has appointed Craig Johnson as its new president and CEO, succeeding GW Jacobs, who retires in May this year.

Johnson joined FCCI as vice president and controller in 2003. He was appointed executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer in 2006.

Prior to joining FCCI, Johnson worked in the insurance industry and held other executive positions, including chief financial officer.

Jacobs is retiring after 22 years of service, the last 12 as president.

When Jacobs retires, he will continue to be an FCCI board member and offer his experience and counsel to the management team.

FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI) chairman of the board of directors John Stafford said Johnson and Jacobs will work together over the next few months to ensure an orderly transition.

"Craig has demonstrated excellent leadership abilities, and has an abundance of experience in the insurance industry. He is committed to the FCCI model, which emphasizes empowering its employees to maximize customer satisfaction," Stafford said.