F&C Asset Management Group is launching a full fiduciary management solution for the pension fund sector.

F&C said that it will offer integrated services across the key roles of pension fund management, acting as a strategic adviser, portfolio creator, risk and performance guardian, operational creator and, above all, accountable orchestrator for the whole fiduciary management arrangement. The F&C approach will enable pension funds to access a complete asset management solution through a single service provider.

Rob Kamphuis, director of fiduciary management for F&C Netherlands, said: Our aim as fiduciary manager is to establish an active partnership between the pension fund board and F&C to ensure fund liabilities and long-term objectives are met through tailored strategies with access to an array of top investment managers. We have been working with Dutch pension funds for over 50 years, helping them to adapt to every change in the market place, from moving away from purely domestic portfolios all the way to the inclusion of liability-driven and alternative investments.