Litigation against insurance broker USI and Thomas Haughey

The Graham Company (Graham) has got a favourable decision from a unanimous three judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Four years back, Graham began copyright infringement litigation against insurance broker USI and Thomas Haughey, a former Graham employee working for USI.

In June 2006, a federal jury had awarded Graham $18.9 million, finding that USI and Haughey had infringed its copyrights over a period of 13 years. Graham and its legal team presented evidence against the copyright violators. However, in November, the district court reversed the verdict, ruling that Graham was not entitled to damages for the entire 13 year period of infringement.

William Graham IV, CEO, Graham, said: “When a library lends a book, they are not expected to assume that the borrower will illegally copy it.