Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, an home and auto insurance group, has selected Medical Records Optimization (MRO) MROinsight decision support tool from MedNeutral for medical records in litigated BI claims.

MROinsight supports initial case triage and case assessment via standardized, efficient reviews that flag mitigating factors and relevant issues for litigation attorneys.

For more substantial cases going to jury trial, Farmers is using MRO abstract for a detailed overview of all relevant information cataloged and searchable on the fly over a secure web interface, giving the defense lawyer access to useful information in real time.

Each MROinsight organizes the case medical files in chronological order and presents the records in a standard, easy-to-read format. The content MRO is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) with a secure, web-based delivery platform allowing for collaboration, review and analysis of records not only by the attorney, but claim professionals as well.

The tool was designed for a ‘light’ integration, translating into limited up-front investment and rapid implementation. MROinsight provides document management and collaboration functionality as part of the offering, but the real differentiator is the summary of medical records at scale to ensure the inclusion of all relevant medical data in litigated claims decisions.