Claims to quickly expedite total loss settlements

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies has introduced eZsign, a new claims settlement option for their customers with total loss claims. It is currently approved in the states of Washington, Oklahoma, and Illinois.

The company said that the new process will replace the current system where the insured receives an overnight package, endorses the documents and sends them back by a return overnight package.

Odom Wu, director of Farmers Strategic Initiatives, said: Previously a customer who had reached settlement would have to wait for documents to arrive in the mail, and then sign and return those documents for payment to be issued. Now Farmers, with the agreement of the Washington, Oklahoma, and Illinois Departments of Motor Vehicles, can give customers the option to receive the documents via email, sign them online using their mouse, and return them instantly to expedite payment.”

Bryan Murphy, executive vice president and chief claims officer of Farmers Insurance, said: “This is a win-win situation. This is the future. The customer wins with speed, convenience and lower cost. The company wins with more rate competitiveness. Farmers is ready to implement eZsign in all states as soon as the states understand customer wants and understand the benefits that come with the metadata of an electronic signature.”