Fara Business Services, a provider of web-based solutions for the insurance services industry, has released a new online application known as MRCE (Medicare Reporting Compliance Expert).

MRCE is a web-based tool that can transmit non-group health plan data to Medicare to comply with MMSEA Section 111 laws regarding Medicare Mandatory Insurer Reporting. The new application is available for lease as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product. The application was developed by the team of EDI programmers.

Laura Tarantino, senior vice president and general counsel of Fara, said: “MRCE is a great choice for those looking to report their data to Medicare in a quick, reliable, and cost effective fashion. The application is very easy to use and incredibly easy to transition to. We are proud to release this service to the public as it is a solid contender in the world of Medicare Mandatory Insurer Reporting.”

Fara is an insurance services provider of risk management and claims administration solutions for insurance companies, self-insured corporations and government entities.