Fantasy Player Protect has introduced a new insurance product, known as FantasyPlayerProtect, for fantasy sports gamers, in partnership with MiniCo Insurance Agency.

Covering multiple players, the policy protects the value of fantasy sports teams in the event of critical player injury.

Designed to offer real insurance for fantasy sports gamers, FantasyPlayerProtect eases the impact of injuries on their fantasy teams.

Fantasy Player founding partner Philip LaGiglia said that gamers like to put in countless hours to assemble the perfect fantasy team only to have the season derailed by an injury to a top player.

"We wanted to create what we couldn’t find in the market: a high-end interface that speaks directly to serious fantasy sports gamers offering a quality real insurance product that is easy to purchase 100 percent online," LaGiglia added.

Fantasy Player will provide product design and marketing consulting services to MiniCo Insurance Agency for the program.