Excess Reinsurance Underwriters Agency, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Financial Partners, has introduced an unlimited annual maximums on its stop-loss policies.

Under the recent regulatory reform, self-funded plans will be required to include unlimited maximums in their plan documents. The stop-loss protection covers the expected liability of self-funded plans.

Excess Re is a provider of professional underwriting services to administrators and insurers. It acts as an underwriting manager for insurance carriers and as a full service managing general underwriter for a select group of third party administrators, benefits consultants and insurance brokers.

In addition to specific and aggregate stop-loss, group life and AD&D, and group disability insurance, the company also provides access to off-shore captive management services and managed care through Quantum Care and other strategic partnerships.

Brian Zidek, president and principal of Excess Re, said: “Excess Re continues to be proactive in meeting the needs of our clients in the dynamic healthcare environment. With our unique expertise, we believe we are well positioned to be at the forefront of regulatory reform.”