EverQuote, operator of the leading online auto insurance marketplace in the US for consumers and insurance providers, announced the release of EverQuote Pro for agents.

There are over 270,000 auto insurance agents, many of whom have historically struggled to capture the 35M+ consumers shopping online for auto insurance each year.

EverQuote Pro empowers local agents to unite with consumers throughout the US using its proprietary technology & data-driven approach.

"EverQuote has been a great partner for us by providing high-quality auto insurance customers and educating our team on how to communicate with the modern consumer using a data-driven, yet personable approach," said Charles Jimenez, an agent with Sameday Insurance, a California insurance provider.

In the coming months, the platform will include tools to help local agents find, convert and retain more online consumers. EverQuote Pro offers agents a distinct advantage over their competition, which will result in higher conversion and retention rates.

"EverQuote Pro was created to help insurance agents not only survive; but thrive thanks to the increase in online auto insurance shopping. Matching agents with real-time consumers and providing tools to succeed is exactly what the industry needs," said Stuart Ganis, SVP, Marketing at EverQuote.

Started in 2011, EverQuote operates the leading online auto insurance marketplace in the US.