Developed on the Salesforce Lightning platform, Veruna 2.0 features CRM, lead generation, marketing, sales functionality with an upgraded user interface for user agents

Evergreen Insurance

Evergreen Insurance selects Veruna platform. (Credit: Pixabay/MichaelGaida.)

Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management Company has implemented the Veruna 2.0 platform from Veruna, a developer of the comprehensive agency management system (AMS).

Veruna 2.0 has been developed on the Salesforce Lightning platform.

In addition to offering customisation options, the platform features extensive customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, marketing, portals and sales functionality along with an upgraded user interface (UI), dynamic dashboards, enhanced email capabilities and a redesigned activity timeline.

Other features including mobility, flexibility, customisation and integration capabilities of Veruna 2.0 are supported by the opportunities found on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Based in Monsey, New York, Evergreen was established in 2009. Focusing mainly on commercial real estate, Evergreen has a portfolio that includes small rental units, large apartment buildings, shopping centres and commercial buildings.

Facing difficulty with an ageing AMS, Evergreen started looking for a replacement to offer a higher level of flexibility for its users.

Evergreen selects Veruna’s AMS platform Veruna 2.0 due to its flexibility

The company is claimed to have selected Veruna based on several factors such as flexibility of the Veruna AMS and its foundation on the Salesforce platform. Its ability to respond to developing requirements and expanding capabilities were also the key selling points.

Evergreen COO Alan Pollak said: “We love Veruna’s vision. We have very definite goals of where Evergreen is headed and feel confident that Veruna will play a role in getting us there through the customizable nature of their product.”

Veruna CEO Jennifer Carroll said: “Our clients, like Evergreen, are increasingly adept with technology and looking for the ability to customize their agency management system, integrate it with supporting solutions, and incorporate new and existing workflows for maximum productivity.

“We love working with Evergreen and are pleased to see them already getting an ROI from Veruna 2.0.”

Last month, USAA Insurance Agency had selected Veruna 2.0 platform. USAA Insurance Agency aims to benefit from Veruna’s CRM capabilities, upgraded UI, dynamic dashboards, enhanced email capabilities and the redesigned activity timeline.

Additionally, the new policy, claims and accounts Kanban views allow agent users to access account summaries with ease.