Eureko, the holding company for a group of insurance brands, has announced that Huub Hannen, vice chairman of the company's executive board, will retire on October 1, 2008.

Mr Hannen has joined Interpolis in 1970 and has held various positions. He has been vice chairman of the Interpolis board for several years. He joined the executive board of Eureko as of November 2005, when Eureko’s Dutch subsidiary Achmea merged with Interpolis. In September 2006 he was appointed vice chairman of Eureko.

Gerard Olphen and Willem Duin, currently members of the board, will be appointed as vice chairmen of the executive board as per the same date. Mr Olphen will also take over the responsibilities as CFO on July 1, 2008.

Roel Wijmenga, currently CFO, has decided to leave Eureko for personal reasons. He joined the board of Interpolis in 2003 and became a member of the executive board of Eureko in November 2005.

Following these two resignations Danny Eijk and Jeroen Vriesman will be appointed as members of the Eureko executive board, effective October 1, 2008. Mr Eijk is currently chairman of the direct distribution division of Achmea.

Mr Vriesman has held various positions at ING before being appointed as chairman of Achmea occupational health division in 2004. He became chairman of Achmea health division in 2006.

Eureko will also appoint Roelof Konterman, Ellen Faber and Jack Hommel as the new chairmen of Achmea health, direct distribution, and broker distribution divisions, respectively.