Direct-to-consumer personal car insurance company Esurance is providing renters coverage to its customers in Utah, US.

Offered as an add-on to an Esurance car insurance policy, the renters coverage is available for customers renting or leasing a home, apartment, or condo in Utah.

The coverage is available to both new and existing Esurance customers for only $14 per month on an average, and offers replacement of personal items, including TV, laptops, clothing, and other gear inside apartment or rental homes.

Other offerings include additional living expenses, in an event of forcible exit from home due to unforeseen covered incidents, and liability and medical costs related to accidents and visitor injury occurring in the residence.

Customers adding renters coverage to their auto insurance quote or existing auto policy may also receive the Renters Plus discount on their car insurance resulting in additional savings on car insurance premium.

Esurance provides auto insurance direct to consumers online, over the phone and through select agents, including sister company, Answer Financial.