EQECAT and its consulting services group have introduced new catastrophe risk consulting services for the re/insurance, financial, and corporate markets.

The new service involves US Flood Portfolio Analysis and Mortgage Impairment Risk Analysis.

At the site and portfolio levels, the company will provide flood risk analysis for the US based upon the latest flood modeling methodologies.

Mortgage Impairment Risk Analysis enables residential mortgage lenders and investors to get an insight into the probability of mortgage default based on the occurrence of natural catastrophe losses with mortgaged assets.

The consulting services group includes Model Blending, Integration Services, and Turn-key Solutions, to enable clients to maximize catastrophe modeling investment value.

EQECAT vice president of consulting services Kent David said, "By expanding our array of consulting services, we are able to provide clients with the EQECAT view of risk across additional areas, allow clients to maximize the value of their investment, and help clients set rational expectations about risk."