To replace their current service

Empire Southwest has selected the iFastrack software of GG-One Software to manage insurance certificates and contracts. ‘iFastrack for the Web’ was selected to replace their current service to save money and improve vendor interaction and decision flexibility.

According to GG, iFastrack software allows companies to manage their risk from uninsured contractors, vendors or tenants over the Internet.

Dawn Chadwick, risk manager of Empire Southwest, said: The software is simple and easy to use. It provides us all the necessary tools to effectively manage vendor insurance certificates and in the long term will hopefully enhance our vendor management and relationships.

Phyllis Recca, CEO of GG-One Software, said: Most companies use contractors on a regular basis, but either don’t manage their ongoing insurance compliance or trust this important risk management function to outside services that can be very expensive and inflexible. The need to manage insurance certificates can be handled easily with our software, which allows companies to set their own requirements and procedures as opposed to yielding to those of someone else. With iFastrack, companies can have access to easy-to-use, state-of-the-art software for tracking their insurance certificates and contracts from offices anywhere in the world.