The Empire Life Insurance Company has introduced EstateMax, a new permanent participating life insurance plan designed to meet a variety of estate planning needs by providing affordable lifetime insurance protection combined with long-term cash values.

"Only 30% of Canadians have an estate plan, yet everyone needs one even if it is as simple as planning for a funeral," says Sean Kilburn, Senior Vice-President, Insurance.

"The largest segment of the Canadian Baby Boomer population has now entered their 50s and we are finding many more Canadians are looking for simple estate planning solutions", says Kilburn. "EstateMax is our solution to meet this need whether that is covering final expenses, preserving wealth or leaving a legacy."

EstateMax can provide customers with peace of mind through a guaranteed base level of permanent life insurance coverage and cash surrender values.

EstateMax also provides customers with the opportunity for future growth in their coverage through dividends declared by Empire Life on its participating policies.

Dividends allow customers to "participate" or share in a portion of the profits of the participating policy fund. While dividends are not guaranteed, Empire Life has a track record of paying dividends every year since 1923 when we began offering participating life insurance.

A subsidiary of E-L Financial Corporation Limited and in business since 1923, Empire Life helps Canadians build wealth and protect their financial security with competitive individual and group life and health insurance, investment and retirement products.