Company to use CLARA claims, CLARA providers, and CLARA litigation as part of its digital strategy


Image: EMC Insurance to use CLARA analytics AI-based products. Photo: Courtesy of James Osborne/Pixabay

EMC Insurance Companies (EMC) today announced that it has selected CLARA analytics (“CLARA”), the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the commercial insurance industry, to help advance its digital initiatives. EMC will integrate the full suite of all three CLARA products, CLARA providers, CLARA claims, and CLARA litigation.

“At EMC, we welcome innovative solutions that help position our company for the future,” said Lisa Simonetta, chief claims officer at EMC Insurance Companies. “By leveraging CLARA’s suite of artificial intelligence-based products, EMC can continue to deliver upon our promise to provide exceptional service to the people and businesses we serve.”

The decision to adopt CLARA’s entire product suite underscores EMC’s commitment to use digital systems to transform and elevate how it does business. Every CLARA product is designed to improve claims outcomes in commercial insurance with easy-to-use, AI-based technology. CLARA’s comprehensive product suite helps teams reduce loss costs incurred in claims handling by keeping claims on track throughout their life cycle. Its advanced machine learning algorithms make claims operations simple and efficient for adjusters while effectively addressing the needs of claimants and organizations in record time.

“EMC is an outstanding company to partner with, one of the top 50 property/casualty insurance organizations in the country, and is transforming their business through innovative digital strategies,” said Gary Hagmueller, CEO of CLARA analytics. “We know firsthand the tremendous impact AI can have on claims operations, and we are delighted to bring these capabilities to EMC. By embracing the full line of CLARA products, EMC can expect to see multiples of cost reduction as well as a new level of efficiency that will enable the organization to deliver even better service.”

Source: Company Press Release