eLife has introduced eTerm Express, a new life insurance offering designed with an entirely paperless application and approval process.

Today over 50 million US households either don't have life insurance or don't have enough. This market segment consists of people typically needing from $100,000 to $500,000 of life insurance coverage.

"To date, the industry has been accessing these consumers using antiquated products, outdated methods, and manual underwriting processes with full medical exams," said Christopher Snyder, CEO at eLife LLC.

"Our research shows this is why the middle market has been so difficult to penetrate."

eTerm Express is powered by a breakthrough distribution platform incorporating electronic underwriting and "Straight-Through-Processing."

State of the Art next generation Life Insurance product design and delivery enables agents to serve middle market life insurance buyers easily and cost effectively.  The platform features:

Simple and intuitive user interface based on an Award-Winning design enabling Paperless straight-through-processing

No lab tests, exams, APS or tele-interviews needed

Electronic underwriting engine including real-time interface to third party databases (MIB, Rx, DMV)

Face amounts from $100,000 to $500,000

Applications approved in real time within minutes with multiple underwriting classes if qualified

Policies delivered instantly via "ePolicy Delivery" to qualified applicants

Online payment processing including checking, savings, debit and credit cards

"Our innovative platform boasts a vastly improved online user experience for insurance agents. Every step is automated and paper is eliminated," Mr. Snyder continued.

"Using the eLife Platform, an application can be completed and the in-force policy electronically delivered in as little as 15 minutes."