eHealth, parent company of eHealthInsurance, a online source of health insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses, has launched a new life insurance product offering, which allows consumers to research and comparison shop for life insurance.

According to eHealth, the new offering allows consumers to conduct side-by-side comparisons of quotes and life insurance policy benefits. Through a referral partnership with Seattle-based Efinancial, the company was able to launch its life insurance offering with range of products from life insurance providers.

The new offering gives consumers access to various life insurance policies including underwritten policies, which require a medical review; guaranteed issue policies, which are available without a medical review or health questionnaire; and issue policies, which can be applied for and approved online in a single online session by answering a few basic health questions.

In addition, the company also provides phone support, with access to Efinancial’s agents to answer any life insurance policy-related questions.

Bruce Telkamp, executive vice president of business and corporate development at eHealth, said: We have been reviewing different online products to offer to our existing and new health insurance customers, and we believe that high quality and affordable term life insurance is a perfect fit.

Although we have sold life insurance coverage for several years as a rider to major medical health insurance, offering term life insurance on a standalone basis is new for us, and it’s an exciting expansion to our product portfolio.”