To model and analyze its businesses by simulating various risk scenarios

Enterprise risk management (ERM) solutions provider DFA Capital Management, said that Eckler, a Canadian consulting and actuarial firm, has selected its GEMS Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) and ADVISE Advanced Stochastic modeling platforms.

According to DFA, ADVISE enables risk managers, actuaries and other insurance decision-makers to model and analyze their businesses by simulating numerous risk scenarios; and GEMS enables users to simulate future states of the global economy and financial markets including derivatives and alternative asset pricing.

Bill Weiland, managing principal at Eckler, said: “Compared to other options within the marketplace, we were especially impressed with the level of DFA’s modeling functionality and the integrity of the scenarios it produces. We also found that having a fully integrated solution from a single provider was superior in terms of capabilities offered than obtaining solutions from different vendors, which will give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Lisa Cash, executive vice president of sales and marketing for DFA Capital Management, said: “As one of Canada’s first actuarial practices, Eckler not only has a great legacy, but it continues to explore and refine innovative consulting practices to meet its clients’ distinct needs. We’re very pleased that they feel DFA can play an important role in supporting their business and look forward to delivering best-in-class ERM solutions.”