eBenefits Direct, an insurance company, has acquired Benefits Processing, a payment transaction system.

Benefits Processing will provide virtual payment systems similar to PayPal. It will enable fast and secure processing of multi-currency payments across international borders to a global consumer base.

Business Processing will connect individuals, healthcare programs, merchants and financial institutions and will allow buyers and sellers to conduct commerce with ease and confidence in both the physical and virtual worlds. BPC’s agreement with ChargeKard’s Visa Electron affiliation will enable it to offer debit cards to consumers that may not have proven banking relationships required for traditional credit or debit cards.

Randy Schleger, president of eBenefits, said: BPC is an alternative to PayPal and standard credit cards as a form of consumer payment. Commonly accepted at grocery stores, gas stations, discount stores and drug stores. BPC’s Visa Network leads in brand recognition and usage in healthcare outlets. Consumers want payment choices, and with their secured debit card and their PIN they can use their BPC card for anything from pharmacy purchase to a co-payment at the doctor’s office, or they can purchase merchandise and services online as well.