eBaoTech, a provider of software and services for life and general insurance industry, and Comit have expanded their partnership to offer implementation services built around eBaoTech's core insurance applications, combined with Comit’s integration and migration experience based on DMS migration tool for Swiss, German and Austrian insurers.

The company said that with this partnership, insurers in the markets can benefit from an enhanced service offering in German, coupled with simple migration capabilities, thereby reducing the risks in legacy migrations.

Under the partnership, the Comit will adapt its DMS migration tool to map eBaoTech’s core data model into the conversion tool to offer migration capabilities for legacy transformations. In addition, Comit consultants are being trained to offer integration and specification services around eBaoTech’s core products GeneralSystem and LifeSystem.

Thomas Steiger, director insurance of Comit, said: “As market leader in the Swiss Banking IT Market we developed and successfully use our DMS together with our customers and partners for system replacement and migration. The joint approach of Comit and eBaoTech improves flexibility and reduces risks and costs for any insurance company.”

Daniel Adamec, managing director of eBaoTech, said: “This partnership is aimed at easing the transition from old legacy systems to eBaoTech’s GeneralSystem and LifeSystem, while enhancing the local delivery capabilities of eBaoTech in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.”