Dynamic Claim Services, a third-party administrator (TPA), has selected Systema’s SIMS Claims software as hosted solution to run on Systema's premier SIMS Cloud infrastructure.

Designed to provide easier access to data to run unlimited types of reports, and dashboards for quick snapshots of their claims activity, the system can automatically notify clients of events, facilitate special-handling instructions.

Dynamic Claim Services COO Estee Ziegler said that the software features claims summary and plan of action modules while SIMS Cloud and SIMS Mobile has been designed to enable claims data to be accessed from anywhere, at anytime with solid data security.

"Behind SIMS technology is a highly flexible, highly configurable solution that will meet our needs now, as well as adapt and expand to meet our future requirements," Ziegler added.

Systema Software CEO Jose Tribuzio said, "Our next-generation SIMS design will assist in these endeavors as it enables speed and efficiency, as well as data analysis capabilities to identify areas where their clients can improve savings and outcomes."

The system also provides document and workflow management throughout the claims process while reducing risk for clients.