Dutch insurance companies are set to make history by becoming the first to offer 'affordable' insurance specifically for those infected with the HIV virus.

The revelation comes after The Dutch Association of Insurers instructed its members, which include major internationals Aegon NV and ING Groep NV, to draw up policies that cater particularly for HIV sufferers. The insurance will be available to those with HIV and who are responding positively to treatment with no other complications.

The move is a response to the advancements in medical practices for those suffering with HIV and the fact that under current conditions it is difficult for HIV patients to take out mainstream life insurance policies.

New drugs have improved the treatment potential, while latest research has revealed that the chances of HIV infection leading to death are actually only on the level with the chances for those suffering with diabetes or obesity, according to reports from the Trouw newspaper.

Six Dutch insurance companies are believed to be responding to the call from the Dutch association to formulate HIV specific policies. Premium costs are expected to by in line with diabetes and obesity policies.

It is estimated that around 2,500 people in the Netherlands will be eligible for the new service, which represents about 25% of the total Dutch population of HIV sufferers.