Three Dutch health insurance providers, who are member companies of the Aviva group, have resolved to merge their health insurance businesses to produce an operation with a gives a combined 25% market share in the Netherlands.

Agis Zorgverzekeringen, Menzis Zorg & Inkomen and the Delta Lloyd group health insurance companies will combine their health businesses. According to Aviva, the merger will enable the new entity to compete strongly in the Dutch health cover market as it will boast 4 million clients and control a quarter of the market.

Furthermore, the combination will improve the companies’ management of claims processes and realize cost savings, specifically on the purchasing side.

Clients needing healthcare services need to be able to trust that the services they require will be available. We’ll be seeking to lead the way by ensuring our clients receive the best care available through our innovative approach and clear, client-focused range of products, Roger van Boxtel, CEO of Menzis, commented.

Parties intend to start the integration in October and complete the process over the course of 2007.