Dryden Mutual Insurance Company (Dryden Mutual) has implemented the ISCS' cloud-based SurePower Innovation Modern Enterprise Suite to handle all commercial lines business.

Dryden Mutual, a New York-based provider of property and liability insurance in urban and suburban areas statewide, sought a new, robust system to replace an outdated, legacy policy, claims and billing management system. Following a meticulous selection process, ISCS emerged as the best option to fill Dryden Mutual’s needs.

Dryden Mutual worked with ISCS’s professional services team to implement the system on-time and on budget, and is already beginning to realize operational efficiencies and greater ease of doing business for agents, policyholders, and staff.

The enhanced user functionality and self-service capabilities provided by SurePower Innovation actively engage Dryden Mutual’s staff and agents to deliver improved efficiency rapidly through automation of routine tasks and real-time communication.

"Our growth over the last few years simply necessitated a change in technology, and our search for the right technology led us to a short list of software vendors, each with proven track records," said Peter Thorp, senior vice president and marketing manager for Dryden Mutual. "But, ISCS and SurePower Innovation were the clear choice, especially when combined with the consistency, dependability and ease of doing business provided by their SurePackage™, ISCS’s managed SaaS deployment option."

ISCS’s SurePower Innovation Modern Enterprise Suite offers Dryden Mutual a powerful, flexible system for managing core administration, streamlining workflows and extending real-time communication to the company’s independent agent distribution channel. SurePower Innovation utilizes modern technology to automate much more than core (policy, billing and claims), including reinsurance, insurance accounting, payables, document management, producer/commission management, and agent/consumer portals.

The highly-scalable, configurable platform on which SurePower Innovation modules are built enables increased agility and enhanced business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities when the suite or its components are delivered as a complete managed SaaS solution via ISCS’s SurePackage deployment option.

"I am very pleased that Dryden Mutual selected ISCS and SurePower Innovation and that the implementation process went so smoothly," said Andy Scurto, president of ISCS. "Not only are the technology needs of Dryden Mutual compatible with SurePower Innovation, the two companies are culturally a great fit as well. We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with Dryden Mutual going forward."