Dovetail Insurance said that the Florida automobile joint underwriting association (FAJUA), an automobile residual market of last resort in Florida, has extended their agreement with the company under which Dovetail will continue to provide technology and back office services to the association.

The company said that the agreement is designed to support the FAJUA in delivering a solution to Florida market which allows agents to place commercial and personal automobile risks through an automated insurance portal. The custom designed portal facilitates entry and delivery processes and makes information relative to the FAJUA business easily accessible to agents.

According to Dovetail, during the term of this extended agreement it will continue to provide technology and services to support market demands and allow the FAJUA to meet their statutory obligations to make insurance products available in Florida market.

Eugenia Tyus, general manager of the FAJUA, said: “Dovetail met all of our expectations throughout the initial term of our agreement and we are pleased to be able to extend our relationship through the next phase.”

Steve Francis, president and CEO of Dovetail, said: “The FAJUA has been a great partner and we look forward to providing them with the advanced functionality that they will need to better serve their market as we continue to grow and expand our relationship.”