Disability Insurance Services (DIS) has entered into an alliance with Peloton Global Distribution Services, under which Peloton members will have access to DIS offerings, such as disability marketing, sales tools and underwriting and case management support.

Under the agreement, as an elite member of Peloton, DIS will work with brokers and financial advisors to educate consumers about the importance of paycheck protection.

The company said that the Peloton members will have access to the mix of shared market intelligence, efficient practices, marketing and also products, services, technologies, systems and support.

Andy Holden, secretary of Peloton, said: “DIS will be an innovative and valuable addition to the elite members of Peloton. DIS offers beneficial solutions, products and services within the insurance industry, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Dan Steenerson, president of DIS, said: “We’re operating in a highly competitive market. Strategic alliances with the industry’s top performers and the ability to combine extensive insurance market resources are compelling arguments for Peloton membership.”

DIS provides insurance brokerages and producers with market and place disability products. Peloton is a marketing organization serving members in the insurance and financial services industries.