Online insurer Hong Kong has rolled out a brand new health insurance product, which combines hospitalization and surgical plan together, to help policyholders to deal with growing treatment bills.

The product covers pre-existing conditions, pays as charged with no sub-limits and also has a built-in no claims bonus feature, thus enabling people to avail insurance for pre-existing conditions.

In order to avail coverage for pre-existing conditions, customers will have to be covered with the online insurer for two years and during that time; the insured should be symptom-free. Hong Kong CEO Nicolas Faquet said, "If you had an operation on a tumour or gallstone prior to taking out your health insurance with us then we’ll cover you again if you do not have any symptoms for two continuous years after joining us.

"That way we’re able to cover any pre-existing medical conditions. We’re really excited about the launch of this product as until now most people in Hong Kong have found it impossible to get insurance for pre-existing conditions."

Due to pricing on a ‘pay for what you need’ basis,’s Health Insurance plan, which covers hospital and surgical bills, will be one of the affordable in the market.

Offering discount on premium renewal, the policy enables customers to select their own annual limit without any of the usual sub-limits imposed by other insurers such as limitations based on disability or confinement.

Moreover, the company has launched a top-up for people who already have health insurance provided by their employer, which enables an employee to remain availing health coverage, if he/she change employer or become unemployed.