Using the LeakBot device, the UK insurer’s customers can proactively track water leakage and prevent damage caused by it in their homes


Direct Line to offer LeakBot water leak technology to some of its customers. (Credit: Holger Schué from Pixabay)

British insurance company Direct Line Group has joined forces with LeakBot to offer smart leak detection technology to its high net worth home insurance customers.

The roll out of the technology to the clients will be done over the next 12 months.

By using the smart technology, customers of Direct Line Group can track leakage of water and prevent damage caused by water in their homes in a proactive manner.

How LeakBot helps in handling water damage claims

LeakBot, which is an end-to-end claims mitigation system, is said to be designed specifically to handle water damage claims in the home.

The device, which uses Thermi-Q technology for detecting water leaks, does not need any professional installation.

After the smart water leak alarm is connected to the home wireless network, it is ready to detect leaks. In case of a water leak, the device notifies the customer through a mobile app.

LeakBot CEO Craig Foster said: “LeakBot is the only water damage claims prevention system anywhere in the world that has a proven product and sustainable return on investment for insurers. With so many people spending more time at home in recent months, it’s easy to see why householders are becoming increasingly protective of their properties.

“Homes have become our offices, our gyms, our entertaining and leisure space. LeakBot’s smart leak detection technology is a crucial tool for home insurers looking to give their customers added peace of mind at this uncertain time.”

Direct Line Group will provide LeakBot’s smart leak detection technology to its Select Premier Insurance customers during acquisition and renewal.

As part of this, customers will be given a smart water leak alarm without any additional costs. Besides, they can also avail free visits from LeakBot’s engineers if their device notifies any water leakage in the home.

LeakBot’s ‘find and fix’ leak location system is expected to enable Direct Line Group’s customers in keeping their homes free from water leakage. This will help them in safeguarding their properties from damage caused by water through leakage, thereby bringing down the risk of unexpected claims.

Direct Line Group Select Premier insurance head Nick Brabham said: “Larger and more expensive homes often have high-value contents that are at risk of damage from water leaks. They will also tend to have a greater number of plumbed-in features – sinks, bathrooms and additional elements – which is where the majority of invisible destructive leaks occur.

“The opportunity that LeakBot offers not only to limit the disruption that escape of water causes to our customers, but also to mitigate our own underwriting costs, will provide significant and lasting value to the business going forward.”

Earlier this year, LeakBot partnered with Hiscox to offer its smart water leak alarm technology to all of the latter’s new and existing buildings insurance customers.