Digitech Systems has introduced a new version of its PaperVision Capture solution, which is specifically designed for the healthcare and health insurance industries.

The company has included new features in the PaperVision Capture, which are said to automate paper processes for health insurance claims translating to significant reductions in claims costs and staff time.

The new version helps in capturing of any data format, including HCFA, UB04, dental and EOB documentation, in addition to importing digital documents such as PDFs, .tif, .jpg, and Microsoft Office documents.

PaperVision Capture’s drag-and-drop graphical user interface enables to design an electronic claims process using workflow to setup claims documents to extract needed data and to easily configure the 837 HIPAA output without coding.

Digitech Systems sales director Sean Morris said: "Healthcare is still a heavily paperbound industry, having to process an avalanche of paper patient records and insurance claims.

"We developed PaperVision Capture to completely automate the data capture process for insurance claims."

Digitech Systems’ PaperVision Enterprise content management (ECM) software and cloud-based ECM service ImageSilo will help businesses to manage, retrieve and store any kind of corporate information.